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Getting craft supplies together can be a hassle. While certain items such as craft paper, glitter, and yarn seem to always find a use, sometimes you want a whole package of items that can fit a theme or an idea. We recognize this need at Hygloss and have strived to create some truly fun and engaging craft treasure boxes. Here are a few of our craft treasure boxes that kids love!

Paper Plate Craft Treasure Box


Sometimes having too many options can be overwhelming, the Paper Plate Treasure Box is centered around this idea that you can take something simple and make a lot of fun things out of it. The great thing about arts and crafts is that you can take an every day, ordinary item such as a paper plate and turn it into something else just using a few supplies.

In this case, many paper plates make for great canvasses that children can create faces on as well as other scenes such as a fishbowl filled with fish or characters that can be made comprised of round shapes.

The treasure box comes with:

  • White and colored paper plates
  • Colored bright tags
  • Colored Tissue
  • Yarn
  • Poms
  • Curly Hair
  • Glitter
  • Colored Pop Sticks
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Sticker Forms and Stick-A-Licks
  • Free CD with tons of craft project ideas

All of these items are great for creating funny faces—which kids love! Eyes and hair are usually the toughest parts of creating a face for children, and so the wiggle eyes and curly hair craft items will make it much easier for the plate to resemble a face. We think this really opens up children to be able to create a variety of different faces without being limited by some of the more difficult parts!

Create-A-Story Book Treasure Box

Children love being read stories, but just as much do they love creating their own stories! Ask any teacher or parent, their kids often have the wildest imaginations and stories that are not stifled by rules or reality. As a result, they can think of things that many grown-ups can’t.


You’ll be able to see this for yourself when you let them play with the Create-A-Story Book Treasure Box, you’ll be giving them the perfect blank canvas and materials to create whatever story they please! This box set comes with

  • 25 Bright Blank Soft Cover Books (pages inside are white)
  • Colored People Shapes
  • Mirror Board Sheets
  • Stick-A-Licks
  • Velour Paper
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Free CD with hundreds of craft project ideas (retail value $12.99)

Making Masterpieces Art Kit


The Making Masterpieces Art Kit has a ton of different craft items inside the treasure box—too many to list. However, a few of the items are things like paper plates, tag paper, colorful paper bags, tissue paper, cellophane rolls, stickers, and the Making Masterpieces book. This book contains over 290 crafts project ideas!

This is our largest art kit available and is sure to please the needs of almost any child, teacher, or parent. There are an overwhelming amount of different crafts projects that can be realized using this catch-all crafts kit. As we discussed in the beginning, sometimes having so many options can be overwhelming! This is why we paired our kits with CDs that can help spark ideas, or in this kit, the Making Masterpieces book which is sure to get the ball rolling.

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Hygloss Products is a national leader in providing high-quality educational supplies and arts and crafts to schools, educational supply stores, and parents all over the country! We strongly believe that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun in class. As a result, it has been our mission for over 50 years that we can positively influence children and classrooms through the quality of our products.

Arts and crafts are an important learning tradition that has persisted in our digital age for a reason. There is still a satisfaction with learning and creating with your hands that will never be replaced through digital devices and e-learning (as great as they can be).

If you have any questions about your order or our products in general, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions!

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