Behavior Chart

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The Hygloss Behavior Chart is a simple, yet effective incentive chart that uses Hygloss Behavior Stickers in green, yellow and red, to identify and help kids identify and modify classroom behavior.

Minimum order: 4 pieces


This original Behavior Sticker Chart will make your job easier.  The Behavior Chart is a friendly incentive chart that uses the Hygloss Behavior stickers: Green Happy Face, Yellow Caution Face and Red Sad Face to help monitor students behavior. With the awareness of their behavior and the visual experience of seeing behavior identifying stickers on the chart, kids can learn to modify their behaviors in a non-threatening manner. When teachers want to help modify classroom behavior, they turn to Hygloss products!

The behavior sticker chart measures 17″ x 22″. It is made from quality cardstock with a glossy finish.

Minimum quantity 4 charts.


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