Behavior Stickers, 1/2-Inch

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Hygloss1/2-Inch Behavior Stickers can help teachers track and monitor their students classroom behavior in a friendly, non-threatening manner.
Each sheet includes: 40 ½” Green Stickers, 20 ½” Yellow Stickers, 20 ½” Red Stickers.

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1/2-Inch Behavior Stickers are are an effective classroom management tool, especially when you use them with the Hygloss Behavior Chart. They are designed to help teachers with classroom management by giving their students an opportunity to monitor their own classroom behavior. Behavior stickers contain a Green Happy Face sticker, a Yellow Caution Face sticker and a Red Sad Face sticker. This technique, known as the Traffic Light Method, helps kids learn to identify their classroom behavior and then make the necessary improvements. Proper motivation and incentives will help you run your classroom in the most productive manner.


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