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Lollipops™ Office Shears 7″

Item #2201 In Stock

These high precision, high quality scissors are great for a variety of classroom and office projects.The hardened stainless steel blades will make that perfect cut every time!
The Lollipops™ Office Shears have symmetrical handles, which are designed for right or left handed use, but are better suited for righties.


Hygloss-Armada Art is recognized for their quality scissors by art educators and teachers nationwide. If you’re looking for a shear with a smooth, precise cut, then look no further. Lollypops scissors are a great shear for the office, home, classroom and more. They are designed to cut paper, fabric, scrapbooking materials, photos, cardboard and more. They also come in their own reusable vinyl bag for safe storage


The blades are made from heavy gauge tempered stainless steel for a long-lasting cutting edge. Molded, “lollypop style” handles allow for either left or right-handed use but are better suited for righties. The handles are made of hard, durable plastic & are designed for an easy grasp while cutting. Enjoy snipping away with these high-quality scissors!



All Hygloss-Armada Art scissors have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


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