Cost Cutters Precision™ Scissors 7″

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The perfect shear for a variety of office and classroom projects, Precision™ Cost Cutters are affordable 7″ scissors at a great value. The blades are made of hardened and tempered stainless steel for a longer lasting cutting edge.


These high quality Precision Scissors measure 7″ are a perfect shear to use for a variety of projects. The scissors are fitted with durable plastic ergonomic handles. They provide a comfortable hand grip and greater control while performing your task for an extended period of use. The stainless steel blades have been hardened and tempered for a long-lasting edge and improved cutting performance, delivering detailed cuts with every use. The Precision Scissors 7″ are designed for right or left-handed use, but are better suited for righties. A great pair of scissors for crafting, school, classroom projects, home and office. Best of all, with Cost Cutters, we’ve trimmed the cost for you!

All Hygloss-Armada Art scissors have a LIFETIME WARRANTY!


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