Smiley Face Stickers

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Smiley face stickers are a must at home and at school to boost spirits and encourage positivity. Each sheet includes 28 high quality yellow smiley face stickers.

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Who doesn’t love the iconic yellow and black smiley face stickers? The sunshine color combined with the happy face is often enough to put a smile on your face and others’ as well. Bring cheer and positivity into your classroom. Spread the joy by sending your love through a  hand-made card decorated with smile stickers.

Reward and Incentive Stickers

Smiley face stickers are favorites by teachers and students alike. They are commonly used as a behavior management tool or as a reward for good grades. Watch as positive behavior and high achievement begin to soar with Hygloss Smiley Face Stickers! Students feel validated when their hard work is recognized and rewarded. And, as we all know, that sweet sensation of success will surely lead to more success!

Premium Quality

These yellow smiley stickers are made from the highest quality materials. They are easy to peel and stick, making them perfect for children of all ages. You can embellish any project with these cheerful happy face stickers. In addition, these sturdy stickers are thicker than most other similar brands, and they are ultra durable. No need to worry about stickers tearing in half while removing them from the sticker sheet. And, like all Hygloss Stickers, they have a beautiful glossy sheen. Rest assured, these happy face stickers are sure exceed your expectations!

2 Sizes of Stickers

Each sticker sheet comes with 28 stickers: 20 larger (1″) stickers and 8 smaller (.5″) stickers. This variety enables parents and teachers to choose how to reward their students. The half-inch smiley face stickers will fit perfectly on many standard incentive charts. See our adorable Hygloss Smiley Incentive Chart. The 1-inch stickers are more visible and are often the preferred stickers to put on tests, projects and cards.

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